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Short Stack Shuffle

Tech Stack

  • Flash
  • HTML
  • CSS

My Contribution

  • Interface Design
  • Game Design
  • Asset Creation
  • Development


I had a ton of fun working on this flash game. The game play is simple and quick allowing for many replays. Joon and I turned this project from idea to production in just 4 weeks.

Image of Minions on from Despicable Me


Controls are basic, user presses the space bar to release the push meter. If they time it right they will be in for quite the syrupy adventure. Pressing space bar again will make your minion jump. The key is to avoid syrup spills that slow you down and grab all IHOP tasty treats.
Minions waiting to start game

Ready to Slide!

Minions standing around in a factory


Minon standing looking sad becuase of their low score